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La Masseria Zanzara it is 3 km from the splendid beaches of Porto Cesareo, Punta Prosciutto and Torre Lapillo and 15 km from the splendid green lung of Porto Selvaggio.

The coastal stretch between St. Catherine a Torre Colimena, is called "the Marina of the Corsairs".

There were, in fact, innumerable raids that the Saracen pirates carried out along this low coast rich in coves and bays, which allowed easy and peaceful landing places. From the coast the Saracens, called "the Moors“, They entered the night inland, assaulting and plundering historic farms and urban settlements.

This real plague induced the local populations to equip them with fortifications agricultural settlements (and the farm fortified "Torre Saracena Zanzara" is a typical example of this) and then pushed the rulers Frederick II first, and Charles V, later, to build watch towers at strategic points along the coast. the other one.

The Marina dei Corsari is also characterized by one luxuriant nature and, in some places, uncontaminated. The park of Porto Selvaggio, La Palude del Capitano, and the newly established Marine Reserve of Porto Cesareo are proof that this coastal stretch has been preserved.

I seabed, rich in flora and fauna, are studded with caves of rare and evocative beauty, first of all the Grotta delle Corvine. This real one cathedral submerged is characterized by stalactites and football flows, now submerged, which denote a very ancient period of continentality, during which the cavity had emerged.

Already a few km from the farm we can find several villages with splendid historic centers to visit such as Nardò, Leverano and Galatina.

the locations we suggest:

All the best of Puglia for less than 100Km

  • Porto Cesareo (3km)
  • Torre Lapillo (3km)
  • Punta Prosciutto (5km)
  • Santa Caterina (20km)
  • Santa Maria al Bagno (26km)
  • Gallipoli (28km)
  • Otranto (50km)
  • Marina di Castro (55km)
  • Ostuni (55km)
  • Santa Cesarea Terme (55km)
  • Santa Maria di Leuca (67km)
  • Alberobello (78km)