Farmhouse in Salento

Saracen Tower Sanzara XV century

Masseria Zanzara today is a farmhouse in Salento with restaurant. The masseria is immersed in the countryside of the internal area of ​​Porto Cesareo. The development of the farm complex took place over several centuries and is marked by three dates engraved on the façade facing east.

The 1470 refers to the original nucleus characterized by the two-storey tower crowned by the jutting parapet on arches and corbels. In the 1791 a second turriform element is placed against the previous one repeating the design of the parapet only on the façade facing the courtyard.

The 1968 is a date that testifies to the recent restructuring that has profoundly changed the design of the original plant.

Part of the garden behind the tower was occupied by a series of rooms used for summer residence. This part of the structure hosts the farmhouse.

The building that includes the entrance hall also includes warehouses and stables. It dates back to the beginnings of 800.

Not far away, outside the enclosure, stands a chapel of the early 900. The complex was owned by the Barons Malfatti up to the 1987. From that moment the current owners became the Guarini family.